About Raven Naturopathic

Raven Naturopathic Health Services is the private practice of Dr. Jason Clifford, ND. We opened on March 5th, 2015, with the goal of improving the lives of cancer and chronic pain patients in the Brampton area - and we're always happy to help with general health and wellness, including mental health, disease prevention, and weight loss. We have since expanded to include reiki among the services we offer, and now we are pleased to expand our services further with the addition of Dr. Hernandez, whose interests include men's health and digestive health.

Please check out information on our doctors and practitioners, and their individual interests:

The Raven is an important symbol in many traditional spiritual systems around the world. The Raven is a symbol of wisdom and a guide to the dead and dying. Raven's role in convalescence is to alleviate the fear and pain of death, and to guide the spirit along its path to a new and better life. His role as a spirit of Wisdom is to guide us out of blind routine and into the full and mindful realization of our lives, in accordance with Nature.

Return to nature, return to health.


We're taking my time to do this right - check back again later for more details. In the meantime, I want you to know that my core values revolve around honesty and respect. You can expect me to respect who you are regardless of your life circumstances, and to be honest with you about your prognosis, treatment options, and any associated costs. If I don’t know the answer to your medical questions, I promise to be honest about it, and to help you find the answer whenever possible - Dr. C.]





Environmental Conscience

Naturopathic Medicine

It is widely accepted that our very first medicines were all natural. Every society - from Africa to Europe, Asia to the Americas - has their own traditional form of medicines that developed from an understanding of the world around them. From nature. Most, if not all, of these started with lifestyle and food-based medicines, including herbs. As these traditional systems evolved, other interventions were explored and expanded. From these came the traditional modalities of acupuncture, physical medicine, homeopathy, and many others. Only later were surgery and pharmaceuticals added to what we now call Medicine.

Naturopathic medicine, as we know it today, is a holistic practice that involves the use of traditional medicines to help prevent and treat the individual patient. Naturopathic doctors look at the whole person to identify (and address) the root cause of their illness, and to provide expert advise on the prevention of disease and maintenance of overall health. We do not shun "conventional" medicine; rather, we bring back the original modalities that have been lost along the way, and work together with your medical doctor and the rest of your healthcare team, to provide you with the most complete care available.

More details about naturopathic medicine can be found on the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors website.

As every person is different, so each person will experience a different response to treatment. While we will work with you to provide the most effective treatments for your concerns, results can and will vary from person to person.