Hassan Rizvi, Reiki Master

We are spiritual beings having an earthy experience.  From my travels to China, Russia, Europe, North America and South Asia learned that while we may see ourselves differently, we are all the same. Our love, honour, and compassion, our stress, frustrations, and regrets, are common human experiences. Reiki is the string that binds all of existence in the form of subtle energy.  Reiki transforms us to appreciate this core truth, which starts our journey to a more wholesome healthy being.  I have shared reiki with my family and friends for some time; now I wish to share this gift with you. 

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What is Reiki?

According to the International Center for Reiki Training, Reiki is "a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing." It is a form of energy healing where the practitioner connects or channels universal energy into the patient, helping them to reconnect with themselves in mind, body and spirit, and allowing them to heal.

How Can Reiki Help?

According to recent studies, 1 in 5 Canadians have some form of mental illness, the most common being depression and stress. Today the most sought after emotion is happiness. It is thought to be found in the next best thing: a cell phone, a newer car, the latest toys like 4K or QLED TVs, vacations to exotic places, and many more. All you have to do is turn the TV on or ask Google and it will tell you how you can be happy. The above only puts more financial burden with credit card debt and stress. All of the things that can give us happiness are free and inside of everyone. We are beings of energy and connected with everything through invisible fields. As Einstein put it “All that matters is the Field”. The more we connect with these invisible fields binding us all with the universe the more complete and happy we feel. The invisible field of love of a mother, the invisible field of empathy for another, the invisible field of generosity for the needy and all of our emotions that are feelings connected with thoughts invisible to our eyes but exists inside of us.

Reiki helps us to connect with this energy field, and through this connection, improve happiness and health of the individual. It is known mainly for reducing stress and improving overall wellbeing in all people, regardless of condition or disease.


As every person is different, so each person will experience a different response to treatment. While we will work with you to provide the most effective treatments for your concerns, results can and will vary from person to person.