Dr. Rupa Salwan, BSc. (Hons), ND

** Please note: Dr Salwan is no longer working with Raven Naturopathic. If you are a patient of Dr. Salwan's and wish to continue seeing her, please feel free to contact us any time.**

I believe we all deserve to live a fulfilled life. A meaningful life that you can cherish and continue for years to come. There are a lot of obstacles that can make us physically tired and spiritually drained, one being our health. But I truly believe that simple and effective medicines have the greatest potential to transform our health.

I am interested in getting to know you and what you want out of life. I believe in meeting you on common ground and working together to solve your health problems. I take a minimalistic approach to any health changes because I want to help you make real improvements - ones that will be long lasting and allow you to take charge of your health. I don’t believe in making you a professional vitamin-taker because health isn’t at the bottom of a bottle.

I love to work with the most experienced people of our society; those being senior citizens. Whether it be keeping your independence, continuing to cherish your memories or improving your quality of life, my job is to create individualized treatments to optimize your health. I believe that everyone deserves a fulfilled life that keeps you enjoying many more years to come.

Geriatric Health and Wellness

I have only one living grandparent and if you see my Nana (grandfather) you’d agree that he is the picture of health. He is currently 87 years, lives independently and loves to tell you about childhood stories. Listening to him talk about his exercise regime and hobbies inspired me to take an interest in senior health because of the drastic impacts naturopathic medicine can make. I know what it is like for elders of the family to be taken away too soon and I also know how amazing it is to have elders that live long and live strong.

I’m 60 but I look and feel 10 years older, why?

Naturally, getting older means facing health challenges and undergoing the complexity of aging. As such, seniors need a healthcare team that understands the unique needs and challenges that come with age. Naturopathic medicine is a good choice for seniors simply based on the fact that the core of naturopathic medicine is prevention of illness. As health becomes more complex it is imperative to have an approach that simplifies your life. Naturopathic doctors have an understanding of the truly important aspects of life. We take the time to get to know you, not as a patient, but as an individual. Whether it is keeping your independence, continuing to cherish your memories, or improving your quality of life, my job is to create individualized treatment plans to keep you enjoying your life.

If I seek naturopathic care do I have to stop seeing my medical doctor?

No you don’t. Naturopaths work collaboratively with your medical doctors and healthcare team to support your healthcare goals. Both MDs and NDs use the same “language” (lab testing, physical exams, etc.) but each use different treatments to achieve those goals. My aim is to create more cohesion within your health regime by emphasizing proper nutrition, lifestyle and the foundations of healthy living. Adjunctive care may include vitamins & minerals, supplements, botanical herbs and/or traditional asian medicine (including acupuncture).

I’m tired of taking all these pills, how can you help?

Natural medicines are heavily sought out by seniors because they have fewer side effects than conventional drugs. Also, most of us have grown up using natural medicines in some form. This doesn’t mean that natural medicines are always safe, so please consult an ND before taking any natural health products. It is common to see seniors on multiple drugs and often needing one drug to counteract the side effects of another drug. This is counter intuitive and doesn’t address the root cause of the problem. Often times the solution can be naturally focussed.

If you or a loved one is in need of geriatric care – and is fed up with misdiagnosis or taking too many medications, please contact our office for an appointment.

Hormone Health

After unknowingly suffering for years, I finally decided that I wasn’t living my best life. It sounds ridiculous but I never thought I had a health problem even though I had to drag myself through each and every day.  After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, I finally had an explanation for my chronic fatigue. Since then I have a deep understanding and appreciation for hormones as they are the underpinning of what it means to be healthy. When there are hormonal imbalances you can almost always expect an associated illness. Hormones play an essential role in your life, from your infant years to your aging years, contributing to a wide variety of conditions. As a result, I have focused my training on treating hormonal changes and imbalances.

What can I expect when working on hormonal balance?

Most treatments will emphasize balancing hormones via stress reduction, good sleep, stabilizing blood sugar and insulin, as well as replenishing the nutrients necessary to make hormones. This approach provides a lasting health solution because each of these factors influence our hormones. If this approach does not resolve problematic symptoms then hormone replacement may be considered.

My blood tests show I am within a normal range, so why am I still feeling symptoms?

As a naturopathic doctor, I don’t treat the lab values, I treat you! While your lab results indicate that you are “normal,” you may still feel unbalanced. This is because hormonal pathways are quite complex and multiple organs are likely to be involved. My approach combines your lab results, in addition to your unique symptoms, in order make a complete health assessment. A thorough discussion of your symptoms and health goals are the key to ensuring you get the most out of treatment.

What treatment options are you able to provide?

We use a combination of therapies to create a personalized prescription for hormonal health – which may include clinical nutrition, detoxification, bio-identical hormones, supplements, botanical (herbal) medicine, acupuncture, stress management, lifestyle and more. Our broad and multifaceted approach to hormonal health addresses the interrelationship between our hormones and so many functions in the body. It has helped many patients restore balance and long-term health

Is hormone replacement always the answer?

No. While hormone replacement therapy can make a big difference, there are many things that can be recommended before hormone replacement is considered. Whether it be thyroid or sex hormone replacement (bio-identical hormones), each individual case will be assessed based on your unique symptoms and their severity.


Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. I have completed additional certification for the Therapeutic Prescribing Standard of Practice, which allows some prescribing rights for bio-identical hormones and certain drug classes.


  • BSc.(Hon): Bachelor of Sciences in Life Science, McMaster University, 2012.

  • Doctor of Naturopathy, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, 2016.

  • Therapeutic Prescribing License (pending)

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO), Licensed Member

Continuing Education Courses and Conferences

  • Biotherapeutic drainage part 1, 2014

  • Holistic Counseling, 2016

  • Therapeutic Prescribing course, Therapeutics Education Collaboration, Jun 2017

Previous clinical experience

  • Holistic Healing Arts, Brantford ON

  • Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic, Toronto ON

  • Sherbourne Health Clinic, Toronto ON

  • Brampton Naturopathic Teaching Clinic, Brampton ON

Other Significant Achievements & Projects

  • Naturopathic Medical Brigade, Natural Doctors International (NDI), Feb 2015

  • Naturopathic Medical Student Association, member and Legislative Chair, 2015-2016

  • Systematic Review of Curcumin in Cancer, 2015-2017