Pain Management

Messing up my knee in my twenties while cycling was one thing, but it was quite another when my shoulder slowly started to stiffen up and hurt for no apparent reason. As time went on, more joints stiffened up. As a third year naturopathic medical student, I had difficulty even putting on my clinic jacket. But through the program at school - and with the help of my healthcare team - I learned how to release the pain and have recovered my full strength and flexibility. I have since focused a great deal of my time and training toward improving my ability to help others through their pain.

I’ve been in pain for years - and I have no idea why!

There are a great many possible causes for chronic pain. Injury is one, but often the true cause is more subtle. Aside from serious medical conditions, such as diabetes and autoimmune disease, even subtle causes such as muscle imbalances, food allergies, and even strong emotional events can leave us in chronic pain. These causes can even prevent conventional and complementary therapies from helping. That’s why it is so important to find - and treat - the cause for your specific pain. We will fully investigate your pain so we can get to and relieve the root cause (and any aggravating factors) of your pain.

How can I feel like myself again?

Pain can drain your energy and fog your mind. By treating the root cause of your pain, we can often help restore your sense of wellbeing and return to the activities you enjoy. Even if the root cause cannot be completely reversed, we can often provide treatment strategies to help strengthen and balance your body to minimize pain and improve your ability to function.

What treatment options are you able to provide?

Whether for pain, general health, cancer, or another specific concern, and depending on what is most appropriate for you and your situation, we have all of the following options at our disposal:

  • Dietary, lifestyle and emotional counselling
  • Manual therapies (trigger point release, massage techniques*)
  • Specific, targeted rehabilitation exercises
  • Botanical (herbal) medicine, homeopathy
  • Nutritional supplementation and orthomolecular medicine
  • Joint manipulation (including spinal manipulation and cranial suture release)
  • Acupuncture (traditional and myofascial trigger-point)

Assessment strategies (in addition to the usual naturopathic intake and physical exam) include:

  • Orthopedic physical assessments
  • Applied kinesiology

If I believe you require modalities that I do not provide (eg. osteopathy, massage therapy), I am happy to help you find a practitioner who provides these services.

* Massage: while I am trained in swedish massage techniques, I use them only as part of a more complete treatment plan. If you are looking for a massage therapist in your area, please try the Registered Massage Therapists' Association of Ontario.

As every person is different, so each person will experience a different response to treatment. While we will work with you to provide the most effective treatments for your concerns, results can and will vary from person to person.