Raven Naturopathic Operations Status

Our clinic is now closed. Please see our home page for mor information.

Practitioner Status & Shifts

Dr. Jason Clifford, ND: Tuesday telemedicine (for pre-arranged patients only) for the month of May, 2021.
Dr. Oscar Hernandez, ND: Mon, Thu, Sat @ Nature's Touch
Hassan Rizvi, Reiki Master: Available directly by cell. If you do not have his number, email info@ravennaturopathic.ca to be connected with him.


To support a smooth transition for our patients between Drs. Clifford and Hernandez, ND, Dr. Clifford will continue to provide telemedicine appointments during the month of May. Unfortunately, there are limits. Because we cannot see through the telephone, or reach through the videocamera, there are certain things we simply cannot do remotely - such as vital signs, blood pressure, and other physical examinations. As a result, we may need to see you in person in order to treat you. Because this is no longer possible at Raven Naturopathic, if Dr. Clifford beleives you need physical assessment or in-person treatment, he will refer you to another Naturopath, or your medical doctor for the necessary care.

Free Herbal Medicine Delivery

To help minimize traffic in the clinic and reduce the risk to you, our naturopaths are offering free home delivery for custom botanical teas that you would normally pick up from us in clinic.

We are offering this service for free because we do not wish to increase the burden upon you, our patients. For those who do have the means, as a thank you for your naturopath's time, Raven will be accepting "delivery donations", which will be going 100% to support the Chinguacousy Wellspring Cancer Support Centre in Brampton. We leave the amount of the donation up to you, and appreciate your generosity.

Safe Drop: Whether you are picking up curb-side, or ordering delivery, we wash our hands and clean our equipment before preparing your order, and wrap them in a re-usable plastic kitchen bag to keep them clean. When we deliver the order, we will call you to let you know we have arrived, and will place them outside your door. We will wait a respectable distance back to ensure they do not get picked up by the wrong person. Please keep and re-use the bag as you would any other kitchen bag (and always wash your hands after handling garbage and garbage bags).

Please note: we are not a health food store; we are only able to dispense herbs to our own patients and only as deemed necessary by our NDs.

Indoor Activity Resources

We all know activity is important. But how can we stay active when we are self-isolating indoors without access to parkland, or even to the gym? Here are a pile of resources to help you reach your 30 min / day of activity without leaving your front door, using equipment you already have at home.

Disclaimer: the following are activity options to keep you moving during this period of uncertainty, physical distancing and self-isolation. This is not intended as medical advise. If you have physical limitations, please honour them; if you have questions about your limitations, please feel free to Contact Us for an individualized consultation. As with any new exercise program, please make sure your ND, MD or other healthcare provider has confirmed you are safe to start any of these programs.

General Tips

Types of Exercise: There are three general types of exercise: Cardio, Resistance (or weight bearing, including body-weigth exercises), and Flexibility (stretching). A plan that incorporates all three provides more health benefits than any one or two alone. The workouts below are labelled so you can choose exercises from each group to round out your self-isolation program.

Warm up: Regardless of your fitness level, it is important to warm up properly to reduce your risk of injury. A warmup should include a general warmup and a sport-specific warmup. A general warmup can be as simple as walking in place + high kness, butt kicks, arm circles and hip circles, and should take ~5 min. A sport-specific warmup depends on what you want to do next. If you're planning a single activity (like cycling, running, or crosscountry skiing), take it easy for the first few minute (5-10 min if strength training; 10-20 if doing cardio). If you are doing a weight-bearing routine, make sure to also do at least one full set of each motion without weights before you pick up the dumbells or olympic bar. All of these activities will help reduce your risk of injury while also improving your performance.

When to stretch: Contrary to popular belief, stretching before exercise does not reduce the risk of injury; however, stretching after your workout helps to relax tight muscles and is more effective at increasing flexibility. There's no harm in stretching first, but unless you are warmed up, your efforst may not be as effective.

How to Pick a Workout: Easy... Try a bunch, and do the ones that keep you motivated! I suggest rotating between at least three different workouts, and every 6-8 weeks or so, switch to a different set of exercises. This prevents your body from "getting used" to your exercise program (prevents plateaus), and at the same time keeps you from getting bored with your workouts.

Full Body Strength and Cardio Workouts

This first workout by Live Strong replaces most equipment with one of Dr. Clifford's favorite things in the whole wide world: books! Note: these are advanced exerecises. Remember to warm up first. [Strength] Live Strong

This body weight / cardio workout by Women's Health Magazine is a litte more conventional, but it will definitely get your heart going. [Strength, Cardio, Warmup included]  Women's Health Magazine 

Looking for more of a challenge? Try this workout by MyFitnessPal. It says to do it for 10 minutes, but feel free to extend it to 20 if you're strong enough. Remember to warm up first [Strength]. MyFitnessPal

This one by HASfit is nice because it includes a warm-up and a cool down. It is intended as a gentle cardio, and includes modifications for beginners and experienced people. It also includes a component of core strength training. [Cardio, Flexibility, Warmup included] HASfit

This workout from Athlean-X is definitely "hard core" and intense, but it does include beginner moves. [Strength, Cardio]. Remember to warm up before and stretch afterwards. Athlean-X

Flexibility and Stretching Routines

The Adidas YouTube channel has a nice full body post-workout stretching routine. They're using an app for timing, but the instructor does give good advise on technique, and she does the routine in real-time. The 30 second holds are important for improving flexibility, which is different from the shorter holds used for rehabing injuries. When in doubt, please check with your healthcare provider on the length of holds for each stretch. [Flexibility]. Adidas

The NHS website in the United Kingdom has a nice set of instructions for various stretches. You can use specific stretches to target tight areas, or use them all in sequence as a post-workout stretching routine. [Flexibility].  NHS

Core Strength

Core work is so important that it deserves its own section. Whether your goal is to lift heavy things, or reduce and prevent back pain, maintaining a strong core is key.

Pilates is known as a fantastic core strength and stability workout method, and there are hundreds of not thousands of resources and videos available to help you learn the Pilates Method. Check out these resources depending on your skill level: Beginners , Intermediate, and another Intermediate resource. (If you're an expert, you probably don't need any new resources!).

For another type of core workout, check out this high intensity core workout targetted to athletes from Bodybuilding.com

Meditative Practice for Strength and Flexibility

Stay tuned for more resources for meditative practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gung!


Another Disclaimer: Raven Naturopathic and our associates have no financial or business ties to any of the resources shared above, and we do not receive any form of compensation for sharing their information. The above were chosen by Dr. Jason Clifford, ND because he just happened to be the one to write this post, and these are the resources he found. You may have noticed that no two of the above are from the same author; this was done on purpose to allow you to explore a wide number and variety of resources and teaching styles, to help you find the resources that work best for you. Other excellent resources certainly do exist, and we encourage you to share them with us!

Additional Resources

We know good information is hard to come by. Here are the best and most up-to-date resources available for residents of Brampton and surrounding ares

Ontario COVID-19 Self Assessment Website
Telehealth Ontario: 1-866-797-0000
Self Isolation Guidelines (Download)
Public Health Ontario
Public Health Agency of Canada

If you are experiencing symptoms of cold, flu or Coronavirus COVID-19, even if mild, please take the COVID-19 Self Assessment here. In an emergency, please call 911.