Jason Clifford, ND

Naturopathic Doctor / Owner

Whether pain and stiffness have you feeling older than you should, or you have been newly diagnosed with cancer and don't know where to turn, I'm here to help. While my focus is on pain management and supportive cancer care, my emphasis is on safe, effective and compassionate care for the whole person. Regardless of your concerns, I will work with you and your healthcare team to help you meet your health-related needs and goals.

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Oscar Hernandez, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

I focus my practice on helping men resolve ongoing health challenges. I was inspired to focus on male health from growing up with several brothers, and relating to the challenges in their lives. Additionally, I have a clinical focus on cardiovascular disease, and have put a lot of effort into learning how to treat digestion issues. I am fascinated with the link between the mood and gut, and believe mood related issues can be addressed, in part, by changing the diet. I like to think I am relatable, and am very much devoted to working with patients to come up with a realistic plan to best facilitate long term relief.

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Hassan Rizvi

Reiki Master

We are spiritual beings having an earthy experience. From my travels to China, Russia, Europe, North America and South Asia, I learned that while we may see ourselves differently, we are all the same. Our love, honour, and compassion; our stress, frustrations, and regrets are common human experiences. Reiki is the string that binds all of existence in the form of subtle energy. Reiki transforms us to appreciate this core truth, which starts our journey to a more wholesome healthy being. I have shared reiki with my family and friends for some time; now I wish to share this gift with you. 

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بات کر سکتا ھوں
من فارسی را بلد ھستم

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The Raven

Raven is an important symbol in many traditional spiritual systems around the world. He is a symbol of wisdom and a guide in both this life and the next; he leads us out of blind routine, and into the full and mindful realization of our lives, in accordance with Nature.

Return to nature, return to health.