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Natural and Traditional Medicines

Naturopathy is a philosophy of medicine that focuses on using natural and traditional modalities to treat the whole person. We focus upon the root cause of disease, as much as possible, to help improve overall health as well as reduce symptoms.


We're Better Together

We recognize that no one style of medicine is perfect for everyone, and sometimes we need to combine aspects of several types of medicine to get the best results. We are comfortable working with your medical doctor and other healthcare practitioners to make sure you get the best available care for your body, mind and soul. Check out our -Services- page for more information.

Our Team

Our team of healthcare professionals currently includes two naturopathic doctors (Drs. Clifford and Hernandez) and a reiki master (Hassan Rizvi). Each has their own unique interests and style of practice; check out our -Team- page, or -contact us- to book your free meet-and-greet appointment so you can get to know us in person.

COVID-19 Update (13 May 2020)

We are open for essential care via telemedicine

Yes we are open, and available for new and follow-up appointments for essential care via telemedicine! What is essential? If you require treatment for medical concerns - be they mental, physical or emotional - or if you have a new concern that has not yet been assessed, then we consdier helping you manage those concerns to be essential. This can include providing access to treatments such as herbal formulas and supplements that might not be available otherwise.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer acupuncture or in-person visits at this time unless it is truly urgent. This is to protect our naturopaths and our patients, and to enture our NDs are healthy enough to pitch in as part of a united healthcare system in Ontario.

What this does not include, at this time, is general health prevention information, and cosmetic treatments that can easily wait a few months without causing harm to your health... But don't worry: we will be publishing some general health information on our website to keep you covered until we can see you in person. We ask only that you be patient, since we are only able to work on these resources in our spare time.

One major exception: Reiki is fully available via telemedicine six days a week! (See our COVID-19 Page for details).

Full details available on our COVID-19 Page

We are now able to book secure online video consultations directly through our booking site!

Our Self-Isolation Activity Resources are now available here.

Coming Soon

Raven Herb Safety Information - we will be answering questions about the safety of certain anti-inflammatory herbs in light of recent research relating to COVID-19.

More Self-Isolation Activity Resources are on the way - Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gung, and other activities still to come.

Stress Relief Resourcess are also on the way.

Recent News

Earth Hour: Raven Naturopathic celebrated Earth Hour on Sat Mar 28th - quietly, at home.

Raven Honours Earth Day - 22 April 2020

With the mass disruption to everyday life resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to think beyond the current emergency. However, that's exactly what we need to be doing.


Because our old economic system is hurting people and destroying our environment.

Amidst great disruption lies the opportunity for great change... but this opportunity requires effort. We can't just sit back, fall into old patterns, and rebuild the economy as it was prior to COVID-19. We have to expand, adapt, and move into a new era of sustainability. We need to rebuild, yes, but we need to rebuild in a way that is sustainable for human needs, and for the envirionment as a whole. We need to create new, clean, ethical jobs for those displaced by COVID-19. We need to support practices - such as teleconferencing and cycling - that reduce fossil-fuel-dependent travel while simultaneously reduce the spread of diseases. We need to invest in social supports that protect everyone so we can all live full and meaningful lives. And we need to protect nature at all costs...

Because our environment doesn't belong to us; we are merely borrowing it from our children.

Here at Raven Naturopathic

Here at Raven, our primary purpose is to care for our patients' health, but that does not mean we cannot also support environmental progress.

In the coming months (as time permits as we work through the COVID-19 pandemic) we will be sharing a little of what we do here are Raven to support environmental progress, and how you, yourself, can make a difference through the choices you make every day. With the launch of our blog (expected later this summer), in addition to naturopathic content, you can expect articles on the importance of reconnecting with nature on human health, the value of nature immersion, the dangers of environmental pollutants, and how your choices can change the world.

Happy Earth Day! --from Dr. Clifford and the Raven Team

2020 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day

Learn more about Earth Day.

Latest Blog Post

Stay tuned - expected launch Summer 2020

Core Values

Raven Naturopathic is built upon the core values of respect, compassion, honesty, and non-judgement. If you are looking for a healthcare provider to walk you through your options and let you decide what's best for you, give us a call.

Free meet-and-greet appointments are available with all our practitioners.